What Is Rewriter?

Rewriter is designed to enhance the ability of an author to analyze, create, recombine and re-purpose existing work.

Rewriter is useful for:

who need to make major changes to their work.

   Technical writers who must update their documentation.

   Students who must rework papers, using multiple sources.

   Journalists who must adapt and combine stories to changing circumstances.

   Anyone who writes for a living and must make extensive changes to existing documents.

What Rewriter Isn't

   A marketing application in disguise, designed to generate "click-throughs."

   A multilevel marketing scheme designed to make you an “affiliate.”

   Cute (i.e. No animals).

In short, Rewriter is a no-nonsense, no-distraction tool for adults who write for a living, and who have to get real work done.

Rewriter's Look and Feel

Rewriter was consciously designed to avoid visual design “fluff.” The interface is straightforward, using as few distracting design elements as possible.
It's operation should be intuitive for anyone who has used other word processors.